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-jesse- [userpic]

partially as an experiment to amuse me, i decided to make my journal friends only. if you want to read my random, infrequent postings, leave me a message and there's a good chance i'll add you.

Current Mood: curiouscurious

thppppppppppt. :p

thpppppppppppppt yourself. hope you're feeling better.


Not yet. Need drugs. Can't call the doctor til Monday. Grrr.

I would do that myself but im liking the whole world pissing me off right now its giving me fule

Bah to friends only!

I hope you're taking care of April- not letting her go too wild in Seattle! And I hope you got the message I sent you and Sam with her package!

jess jess jess! let me in`

hey hun its me, daisy, i have hunted you down like a sick demented stalker. let me in love, now, boo! i see you.
have you had any spaggetios, raviolie and alfa bit chef-boy-ardee(sp?)lately? i need some, that shit is like soul food. lol.
tell mantha i said hey. and that i love her.

Hi. I need some infrequent jargon to read, care to add me?

add me back, silly!

Hey. Was gonna email you to let you know I added you, but you've got no published address. I'm Kristin/Kill from the park. (Weird blanket, has poi but doesn't use them much.)

I've been following Amanda's journal for a year or so. I'd be curious to know more about you.

Welcome aboard then. I've added your feed so the learning's mutual.

mommy here...a little curious about you myself.

Added you too. I'm looking forward to meeting you when we drive through in week or so.

Thank you very much for adding me. I am looking forward to meeting you as well.

allright, I'm posting.

ah, just missing seattle and wanting to catch up on lives and news on its firespinners...


Re: allright, I'm posting.

Howard! Are you all settled in yet?

Re: allright, I'm posting.

settled... not much furniture, as all my stuff is in moving company storage neverland, but it'll all be here in the next few weeks...

good to find you.
only 3 degrees of separation....

hey jesse. i was looking thru some old pics the other day and saw some of u. so i decided to say hey:)

You're alive! I added you on my friend's list.

i am:)
*adds yew back*

Ooh, Oooh, me! Me! Add!



bah, I added you a long time ago.

Green...add me. It's Jenni. I'm back in Greensboro, and would love to read how you are doing.

hey fucker. i've been thinking about you lately. wanted to see how you're doing. it's been a few years, hasn't it? drop me a line or something.


Hey Jesse,

raven here (obviously).

i added you just now. feel free to add back or not.

la tee ta.

I'm not sure how I skipped you in the random friending flurries. It's fixed now.

* add meh? *


Add me and I'll give you random nudity on my page...promise.

Hard to pass that one up.

Hey, You seem really class. We have alot in common. I randomly came across your journal. I'd be intrested seeing more about you. I noticed you haven't updated in awhile though. Add me, and i'll add you back! I only say that, because I don't know if you use this journal anymore.

hell why not...

I'm just letting you know this journal is here.


hey man, add me to your lj...

she said, you keep a-knockin' but you can't come in...

...and i said, little sister, do you do what your big sister does?

add me. my posts are funny on my planet. i'll add you too.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you

Add me?

hi... it's been awhile but i still love you.

where have you been since wds? lemme read!!

Elect acquire times together you try could fuse fed the mbc.

Blithesome Fresh Year[url=http://sdjfh.in/flexpen/],[/url] one! :)